Best Interior Design for Simple Home

Best Interior Design for Simple Home

The concept of simple home interior design are, keep it simple and clean. The style became more known as the minimalist and continues to grow from various backgrounds in particular urban house. Here are some list of references relating to the arrangement of spaces with minimalist style. Hopefully with some of the ideas here you can also apply a minimalist elements to every room in the residence 

1. Simple mean Less

Reduce the use of lots ornament and excessive decoration is one strategy that you can design interior


2. Simple doesn’t mean Colorless

Color scheme for Simple Home Interior Design usually earth natural color. Soft and plain. But a speck of bright color can excite the overall look of  your home. best design interior


3. Kitchen Storage

Lots of stuffs in kitchen, naturally. Therefore a neat storage places that hide everything is essential.
best design interior


4. Natural Lights

Harness the rays of the sun as much as possible. Windows without curtains, blind or an elaborate veil give a perfect ambience to the design interior


5. Airy room

Simple Home Interior Design in general have an airy home impression.

best design interior

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